Moving to a new software platform is a complex and risky undertaking.  As the customer you are typically at a knowledge disadvantage in this process.  It’s new and unknown territory for you but the vendor knows all the details about their product and has likely spent many hours rehearsing their presentation and answers to all the common questions.  This is why software that “looked great in the demo” rarely lives up to expectations after the contracts are signed and the work begins. 

As a vendor-neutral partner, our focus is on understanding the client’s requirements first, then assisting with vendor selection based on the criteria most important to the client.  With our experience of many successful implementations across multiple industries, we know what questions to ask to quickly disqualify software vendors that cannot or will not meet your requirements.  That gets you to your short list of truly qualified candidates faster so we can spend more time getting into technical requirements and proof-of-concept discussions that ensure a successful implementation.

Once the selection is made (or if you have already made a selection) we can immediately begin working with the vendor to ensure the system is configured correctly for your specific requirements.